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  • Part B. Complex subgroups | PCI manual

    15. Ostial lesions Aorto-ostial lesion treatment Branch-ostial lesion treatment 16. Bifurcations Bifurcation PCI step-by-step ​ Reverse crush steps Provisional stenting steps Culotte stenting steps DK crush steps DK crush troubleshooting 17. Left main Left Main 3. Pharmacology 18. Prior CABG PCI in the prior CABG patient Filterwire Spider 19. Calcification Calcification Rotational atherectomy Orbital atherectomy Rotablator complications 20. Thrombus Thrombus ACS Aspirational thrombectomy 21. CTO Chronic total occlusion SCAD ISR ISR 2 Large+ small vessels Stent thrombosis 22. Other complex lesions (SCAD, stent failure, small/large vessels, long lesions) 23. Balloon uncrossable and undilatable lesions Algorithm for crossing a "balloon uncrossable" lesion Algorithm for crossing a de novo "balloon uncrossable" lesion Algorithm for crossing an in-stent "balloon uncrossable" lesion Balloon undilatable lesions 24. Complex patients (prior TAVR, cardiogenic shock) Prior TAVR Cardiogenic shock

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